A little over a year ago, I moved across the United States to Colorado. I had never been in the state before, but was in search of an adventure after meeting my partner and finishing college. With us being teachers, we are so lucky to be able to spend our work time bringing the industries of the new age to our youth.   As educators, we see NFTs as another industry that our youth will get behind whether society likes it or not. This is our main reason for starting this project, to help facilitate the learning about the blockchain through NFT's in an educational setting.   In our free time, we hike, ski, and bike outdoor on a regular basis. The sights that Colorado contains are simply unimaginable. Over our entire time here, we've been collecting photographic memories of the mountains, valleys, canyons, and lakes we've seen.   As someone passionate about Romantic and Impressionist art, and trained as a classical pianist, I try to bring those elements of art to life the through digital illustration of the landscapes that surround me.

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